Flex ActionScript Component Development Cheat Sheet

Recently at work I ran our developers through basic construction of building Flex ActionScript Components.

Feel free to download the attached Cheat Sheet for your own reference when building components.

Download Flex ActionScript Component Development Cheat Sheet

Building ActionScript Components

Aim: To make building custom ActionScript components the first option when developing in Flexlandia.

Don’t describe its appearance – eg. RedButton, RoundedBorderedWindow.
Do describe its function or UI element type – eg. ActionBarButton, InspectorWindow, NewElementFormPanel

Extend UIComponent or as high up the inheritance tree as possible. Loc8 is massive so we want to make sure each component is taking up as little memory as possible.
Avoid extending HBox or VBox! – custom layout is easy!!

Property Names
Keep in mind re-use for the data model:
  • use generic terms like dataProvider – not assetData, label – not workOrderLabel

Multiple Components
Don’t try and implement everything in the one component. Break it down further. Generalise!
The benefit is it makes it easier to extend and reuse in multiple situations.
It also allows it to become a style target for simple CSS styling.

MX Source Code
TextMate with the mx sdk source is your best friend.

ActionScript Component Cheat Sheet

Component Children
Child Components
private var _icon:SuperImage;

note: an improvement here would to have the icon type to be an interface ie. ILoadedImage

Create Children
Create child objects of the component.

overrider protected function createChildren():void
this._icon = new SuperImage();

Updated Display List – where you lay it all out
Draws the object and/or sizes and positions its children.

override protected function updateDisplayList(unscaledWidth:Number, unscaledHeight:Number):void
super.updatedDisplayList(unscaledWidth, unscaledHeight);
this._icon.x = 0;
this._icon.y = 2;
this._icon.width = 16;
this._icon.height = 16;

Measure – helps the component know minimum sizes and measurements
Calculates the default size, and optionally the default minimum size, of the component.

override protected function measure():void
measuredWidth += 16;

Component Properties
Property Setup
private var _iconSource:String;
private var _iconSourceChanged:Boolean = false;

public function set iconSource(source:String):void
if(this._iconSource == source) return;
this._iconSource = source;
this._iconSourceChanged = true;

public function get iconSource():String
return this._iconSource;

Commit Properties
Processes the properties set on the component.

override protected function commitProperties():void
this._icon.source = this._iconSource;
this._iconSourceChanged = false;

Component Events
Meta Data –  defining lets FlexBuilder MXML auto-complete – happy compiler
[Event(name=‘iconClick’, type=’mx.events.MouseEvent’)]

Event Notes
  • Minimise internal event handlers – where possible override event handlers from parent component. eg. override protected function mouseClickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void

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