Apple Mail auto-link troubles when composing


I still seem to be having some problems with the below. So it would seem I haven’t solved it. I’ll attempt to take a screen cast of it happening.


For I can’t remember how long I’ve had the most annoying problem when composing a message in Apple Mail where if I type a URL it will randomly attempt to turn the URL into a clickable link. Unfortunately, being a fast typer invariably what would happen is the cursor would be moved to a crazy location (ie. before the url, highlighting a block of text or any other location other than the one I had previously been typing at) thus resulting in gibber-gabber.

More annoying was that undo did not undo what I expected. It would randomly change large blocks that were most definitely not the most recent chunk of text … furthermore, redo would not work either. So by undo, redo, undo, redo would result in insanely screwed up content.

I stumbled across the fix today while looking in the ~/Library/Mail/Bundles directory. I came across ODMailBundle.mailbundle in which I cannot remember installing or what on earth it’s from.

Google reveal several cases of people removing it to fix various problems. Thus I removed it too and everything works really well now. YAY!

Product Request: Apple Gesture Pad

Apple has fantastic new track pads on their MacBook and MacBook Pro products. What would rock is taking this track pad and making a stand alone USB or Bluetooth version of it … or, attaching them to one of their Aluminium Keyboards in some way.

I’ve been experiencing a little RSI lately and have been trying to work out if I go for a Wacom Tablet, Track Ball or this morning was looking at the FingerWorks Gesture Pad … which is sadly unavailable :'(


Time’s always a problem … but I’ve been finding a few spare moments to attempt to configure WordPress to the way I’d like. I’ve been playing with a few plugins:

  • All in one SEO Pack
  • for WordPress
  • Google Analytics for WordPress
  • Lightbox 2
  • NextGEN Gallery
  • Postalicious
  • Stats
  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade
  • WP-SpamFree
I haven’t really configured them too well and I’ll probably end up removing the Delicious ones.
I’m also intending to install Mike’s 404 handler extension.
Anyone have any suggestions for other WP plugins or extensions worth making use of?

Getting started

Well, here we are getting started with an all new blog and website. With the recommendation from my friend Mike I’ve opted to go for WordPress. Lets see how she goes.

I’ve previously been using iWeb on my MobileMe (formally .mac) account … however, iWeb lacks blog features like categorisation, tagging and custom site maps (ie. my site ended up with yucky long paths like

Well, lets see how we go getting this themed and customised the way I  want 😉

Apple Keyboards in the real world


Apple keyboards look fantastic, feel fantastic and I love using them. However, with every day use in busy, messy developer office are they practical?

Don’t mix with water (or coffee)
All it takes is a few too many crumbs and a small spill of coffee and it’s all over. Not only do the crumbs make their way to the bottom of the keyboard, where they take up permanent residence, but the smallest splash of water (or any liquid) and it’s all over. Most likely the spacebar will stop working all together.

There is talk on the internet of being able to put your keyboard in the dish-washer to clean it. There is absolutely no way that would be possible with the mac keyboard.

The company I work with (Smartpath) has had 2 apple keyboards die from the smallest amount of water and the second with coffee. By small amount I’m talking about 2 tiny drops.

The water is enough to make it’s way to the bottom of the keyboard and seemingly instantly corrode some of the connectors.

Fixing the keyboard is no easy task. Most PC keyboards have a rubber membrane that covers the entire keyboard. However, the Apple Keyboard has an individual rubber nipple beneath every key. Don’t go loosing those suckers!!

Bluetooth dyslexia
I’m yet to find out if this is a problem that happens with all bluetooth keyboards … or just the Apple one. Every now and then (at least every second day) while typing the keyboard will actually jumble the letters up when sending it to my lappy.

eg. if I slowly type “Business” I’ll sometimes get a short pause half way through and I’ll get rendered to screen something like “Ubsinses”.

I know you’re all thinking it’s just me … but it’s definitely happened even at times when I’ve been typing slowly and deliberately.

Another problem is often using the SHIFT key modifier. It will occasionally either be sticky or capitalise the wrong letters.

eg. nEWspaper