Apple Mail auto-link troubles when composing


I still seem to be having some problems with the below. So it would seem I haven’t solved it. I’ll attempt to take a screen cast of it happening.


For I can’t remember how long I’ve had the most annoying problem when composing a message in Apple Mail where if I type a URL it will randomly attempt to turn the URL into a clickable link. Unfortunately, being a fast typer invariably what would happen is the cursor would be moved to a crazy location (ie. before the url, highlighting a block of text or any other location other than the one I had previously been typing at) thus resulting in gibber-gabber.

More annoying was that undo did not undo what I expected. It would randomly change large blocks that were most definitely not the most recent chunk of text … furthermore, redo would not work either. So by undo, redo, undo, redo would result in insanely screwed up content.

I stumbled across the fix today while looking in the ~/Library/Mail/Bundles directory. I came across ODMailBundle.mailbundle in which I cannot remember installing or what on earth it’s from.

Google reveal several cases of people removing it to fix various problems. Thus I removed it too and everything works really well now. YAY!